FAQs about online investing


Why should you trust Invisor?

We acknowledge trust is earned over time by providing a great and consistent client experience.  We would love an opportunity to serve you and earn your trust for the following reasons:

  • We are a team of financial professionals with significant industry experience using technology as a lever to providing a superior client experience at a significantly lower cost than a bank or a traditional advisor would charge you;
  • We know good governance is key.  We have established a board of directors and advisors comprising of senior members in the industry to oversee our business and provide strategic advice to the management team;
  • Your investments are safely held on your behalf at Fidelity Clearing Canada, your custodian;
  • Unlike a typical bank or a traditional advisor, we work hard in your best interest to earn a fee directly from you and not through hidden fees and commissions buried inside fund products; and
  • Transparency is of utmost importance to us.  Our goal is to provide you with all the information you need regarding your portfolios, including all your costs and performance, on an ongoing basis so you know your savings are being managed properly and you are on track towards reaching your goals.
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