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There are 4 ways you can contribute money to your account:

  1. Process a “Bill Pay” from your banking institution
    • To set this up online, go to your bank’s online payments facility and add a new payee:
      • Payee: Credential Securities Inc.
      • Account: Your 8-digit Credential Account Number (i.e. 123456S1)
    • A Bill Pay usually takes about 2 business days to get processed into your account at Credential.


  2. Set up a pre-authorized contribution from your bank account to your investment account
    • You can set up a 1-time contribution or on-going contributions at regular intervals.
    • To set this up, notify Invisor (by email at hello@invisor.ca) of the amount, date and bank account for the contribution.
    • Invisor will send you the confirmation to sign and arrange the set up the pre-authorized contributions from your bank account.


  3. Transfer funds in from an existing investment account at another financial institution
    • To set up a transfer, provide Invisor (by email at hello@invisor.ca) with the account information at the other financial institution (please include a copy of a recent statement, if available) and indicate the amount you would like to transfer in.
    • Invisor will send you the confirmation to sign and arrange the transfer of funds from your other investment account.
    • This process typically takes 2-3 weeks to complete.


  4. Write a cheque from your bank account payable to Credential Securities Inc. – Your Credential Account Number.
    • Please mail the cheque to Invisor Investment Management Inc., 482 South Service Road East, Unit 103, Oakville, ON L6J 2X6.
    • Invisor will arrange to have the cheque deposited into your investment account.
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